Credit & Return Policy

If you would like to request a credit for an item that is:

  • not delivered
  • not the item you ordered
  • past or very close to its sell-by date
  • not acceptable quality
  • damaged

Please contact Food Connects within 24 hours of delivery and include:

  • Information about why you are requesting the credit
  • A photograph showing the quality issue and product lot number or sell-by date. Please indicate to FC when the attached photo was taken.
  • Please send us as much detail as you can: the more information we receive, the better we can diagnose the cause and prevent the problem from happening again.
  • Please do not dispose of any products before communicating with us. In some cases we may ask to pick the product back up. 
  • Due to food safety regulations, any returned product must remain in its original packaging and stored in adequate food safety temperatures from the time of receiving to the time of the return. If Food Connects deems a product has not been safely handled, we may not be able to accommodate a return.

***If Food Connects receives notice after 48 hours of delivery, the credit may not be considered. 

Food Connects cannot accept returns of products that were:

  • Ordered accidentally
  • Ordered by an unauthorized representative of your organization
  • Special orders, except in the case of a quality or food safety issue

Credits Issued

Credits - When credits are issued, you will receive an email with your credit memo. Please apply this credit to an open invoice. Food Connects will not apply credits for you. At the end of each fiscal quarter, Food Connects will remit checks for any unapplied credits.